Jennifer Garner Is Back In Kickass Mode In Revenge Thriller 'Peppermint'

But the movie by the director of 'Taken' doesn't really take off.

Peppermint (NC16)

Starring Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr. 

Directed by Pierre Morel

Following the murder of her husband and daughter by a Mexican drug cartel, soccer mum Riley North (Jennifer Garner) falls off the grid. She resurfaces five years later, all revved up and ready to tear her enemies a new one and pump them up full of hot lead.

It’s nice to see Garner doing action again. After five seasons on Alias, she knows a thing or two about discharging firearms and breaking bones. Let’s not forget, she was also in Elektra — the movie sucked, she didn’t.

It seems like a no-brainer to pair her up with French director Pierre Morel, the guy who jump-started Liam Neeson’s career as an action icon in Taken.

Yet strangely, the Garner-Morel combo never takes off; there’s no magic in their alchemy. It’s underwhelming and is nowhere as visceral and kinetic as such recent female-led thrillers as Atomic Blonde and Revenge.                      

It plays a like a middle-of-the-road ’90s Cinemax flick, packed with dull supporting characters, half-hearted shoot-outs, and a bland-as-hell nemesis. Garner deserves an action vehicle. This, sadly, isn’t it. (**1/2)

Photo: STX Films/Golden Village 

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