Jackie Chan has done a lot of insane, death-baiting stunts in movies. He’d fallen from a clock tower, slid down a 21-story skyscraper, jumped down a multi-story vertical pole decked with Christmas lights, and dangled mid-air from a rope ladder off a chopper.

No offence, Daredevil, JC is the man without fear. But Chan is afraid of one thing: needles. Yes, needles. Which is funny considering the number of times he’d been hospitalised for the injuries sustained in the abovementioned stunts. That is one of many fascinating revelations in Chan’s memoir Never Grow Up, which is translated into English from the Chinese version that came out a few years ago.


In the book, Chan, 64, reflects on his days of being wild and reckless, old lovers, parenting skills, co-stars, fans, and encounters with Hollywood royalty. It also includes contributions by Zhu Mo, a longtime friend of Chan's. Closer to home, there’s a chapter devoted to the four Chinese antique buildings he donated to NTU. Here, we pick out five interesting anecdotes.  

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