Indie Cinema The Projector Is Renting Out A “Corona (virus)-Free” Hall

If you're looking for a place to host private events...

Are you ready to join the anti-Corona Corona Club? The what again?  

That’s what indie cinema The Projector is calling one of its promotions, named after the Mexican beer and the coronavirus now officially known as COVID-19.

In a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post, The Projector wrote, “Afraid of the virus but love the beer? Enjoy 3 hours of exclusive Blue Room use with free Corona beer in a Corona(virus)-free environment.”

From now to April 30, the boutique movie house at Golden Mile Tower is renting out its 105-seat Blue Room for as low as $600 (minimum 30 people at $20 per head) for private events. Click here for more info.

The Blue Room is one of three halls at The Projector; there’s also the 230-seat Green Room and the 210-seat Redrum. The Blue Room is usually leased out in four-hour blocks for $800 (before 6pm, weekdays) and $950 (after 6pm weekdays), and $1,150 (before 6pm, weekends) and $1,300 (after 6pm, weekends).

A Projector rep tells via e-mail: “The idea of Anti Corona Corona Club is to provide an option for people who prefer a more intimate setting with less people and people that they know — which gives them a peace of mind.”

And how does it ensure that it’s “a Corona(virus)-free environment”? The same way the other cinema chains have been doing since the DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) was raised to orange two weeks ago.

The rep says, “We have instituted mandatory temperature checks, offered hand sanitisers at the box-office and increased our cleaning and sanitisation efforts at the cinema, including regular fogging of the halls with disinfectants.” 

The spokesperson adds, “Having said that, we cannot guarantee that asymptomatic carriers and guests of these private screenings will be detected and won’t affect the others.”


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