Hongkong Horror Yarn ‘Always Be With You’ Will Make You Laugh (Or Yawn)

The prolific Herman Yau needs to take a break.

Always Be With You (NC16)

Starring Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh

Directed by Herman Yau

You have to hand it to Hongkong filmmaker Herman Yau — he’s prolific as hell.

This year alone, he’s given us the mad bomber thriller Shock Wave, chick flick 77 Heartbreaks, splatter-fest The Sleep Curse, and now, Always Be With You. The latter is a hopelessly scattershot horror omnibus about a bunch of people who start to see spooky things after they’re involved in the same vehicular pile-up.

The scares come in dribs and drabs, while the clumsily-handled emotional scenes are more likely to provoke laughter than tears. On hindsight, Mr Yau should’ve just skipped this and gone for a vacation. (**)

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