Gerard Butler Is A Thug With A Badge In ‘Den Of Thieves’

It's a knock off of Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ (but it's okay)

Den of Thieves (NC16)

Starring Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber

Directed by Christian Gudegast

At its core, Den of Thieves is really about two feuding gangs — one is comprised of ex-soldiers (led by Orange is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber) specialising in armed robberies, the other is a thuggish police squad (fronted by Gerard Butler). 

Wait, isn’t this just a warmed-over Heat, Michael Mann’s 1995 magnum opus starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro? It is.

But if you keep the comparisons at bay (kinda hard), Den of Thieves isn’t too bad; it tries to gun for Heat’s epic scale and emotional richness, but with less success. The finale is different, though — it belongs in a different kind of heist flick. (***)


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