Enlightening Docu ‘78/52’ Deconstructs That Famous Scene In ‘Psycho’ Frame By Frame

​​​​​​​You’re not a filmmaker until you’ve paid homage to the shower scene.

78/52 (M18)

Starring Elijah Wood, Bret Easton Ellis, Guillermo del Toro 

Directed by Alexandre O Philippe

Nearly 60 years after its release, the shower scene in Psycho still hasn’t lost its power to shock. 

And how Alfred Hitchcock managed to pull off this taboo-smashing, and history-making sequence — made up of 78 shots and 52 cuts — given the primitive technology and draconian censorship guidelines of that period, is the subject of this thoughtful and eye-opening documentary. 

“It’s the first modern expression of the female body under assault,” quips director Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body), one of the many filmmakers and academics geeking out at the scene’s sacred place both in Hitch’s career and pop culture. On Netflix. (****)

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