Ellen Page Fights Zombies And Prejudice In 'The Cured'

Can you trust a former zombie?

The Cured (NC16)

Starring Ellen Page, Sam Keely

Directed by David Freyne

The familiar tale of the ex-con trying to assimilate into society is reimagined as a zombie picture from Ireland. Here, the reformed offender is Senan (Sam Keely), who was once infected by a zombie virus. 

Though cured, he still remembers his flesh-munching days.  Ellen Page is Senan’s widowed sister-in-law, the only one welcoming him back with open arms, while the others shun him (and his kind). 

The first two-thirds of David Freyne’s debut feature is a thoughtful but plodding political allegory about fear and oppression, but perks up when it becomes a more traditional zombie flick in the final act. (**1/2)

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