Elisabeth Shue Thinks It's "Pretty Cool" That People Still Talk About Her 1980s Movies

Elisabeth Shue recently reprised her 'The Karate Kid' character in the spin-off series 'Cobra Kai'.

Elisabeth Shue is immensely proud that the movies she made in the 1980s still have such huge fan bases.

Shue, — whose film credits in that decade include in The Karate Kiid, Adventures in BabysittingBack To The Future Part II and III, and Cocktail — is delighted at the legacy she has built on the silver screen.

Appearing on the ID10T with Chris Hardwick podcast, she said: "It is incredible, it's amazing that I happened to end up in a bunch of movies in the 80s that meant so much to people and that people still see.

"It's pretty cool. I really am very grateful for that, for sure."

She has a soft spot for the 1987 teen comedy Adventures in Babysitting, which was Chris Columbus' directorial debut.

​​​​​​​She added: "Oh, I love that movie! It's one of my favourites, for sure!

"I've been able to watch that movie a lot — not a lot, but enough because it's one of those movies your kids can watch. I think they've all watched it once or twice. 

Shue, 57, shares three children  — Miles, 23, Stella, 19 and Agnes, 14 — with documentarian husband Davis Guggenheim. 

"It was my first starring role. It was a really wonderful time in my life, my brothers all came to the set — I think if you look you can find each one of them in background scenes.

"So that was very special — even my father is in it!"

More recently, Shue reprised her Karate Kid role as Ali Mills in the third season of the Netflix series Cobra Kai — and her decision to sign up was motivated by her absence from the sequels.

She explained: "I was very grateful to get the truth of Ally's story in Karate Kid 2 cleared up. That meant a lot to me, I have to say.

"I was bitter about that situation for many years! I really was! I never watched Karate Kid 2 or 3 because of it."

elisabeth shue   ralph m karate kid 1984 data
Back in the day: Elisabeth Shue made her film debut opposite Ralph Macchio in 1984's 'The Karate Kid'. 

In the podcast, Shue also revealed that she cared too much about "what other people thought" when she was younger. And if she were to give advice to her younger self, she would tell her "to not expect so much, and not care so much what other people thought of her."

She added, "I think that was pretty detrimental to my soul, all those years of caring so much what people thought of you.

"I would tell her that, for sure, and then I would tell her that it's okay to just be who you are, to be somebody who's not caring about the business, to be somebody who doesn't know how to wear dresses properly and is clueless about all the things that I was clueless about."

The Boys star admitted she was too hard on herself earlier on in her career.

She reflected: "I think I beat myself up so much when I was younger because I expected so much out of myself and was constantly comparing myself and wondering what everyone thought of me.

"I would just say, 'Just accept where you are and just enjoy the moments of working with all these really interesting people. That's all it's going to be. That's it.'"

Elisabeth also shared what advice she would give to other parents to pass onto their own children.

She explained: "Well, one thing I've learned about being a mum is that kids do not like advice. I don't think you can impart too much advice, they don't wanna hear it.

"This will sound cliche, but I would say, try to be a good example of how you would hope that they would grow and evolve as humans.

"I would say that's the best you can do ... mirror, for them, certain character traits. I feel like, at the end of the day, that's really what your job is." — BANG

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