Donnie Yen To Unveil Ip Man Pavilion At Our Tampines Hub

He'll also be at the gala premiere at Lido.

Pay attention: we have the details of Donnie Yen’s promo tour for Ip Man 4: The Finale on Dec 9-10.

Yen’s first stop is the Festive Plaza at Our Tampines Hub on Dec 9 (7pm-8.30pm). There, he will meet fans and unveil the Ip Man Pavilion.

The Pavilion features a 3D trick-eye illusion and iconic sets from the previous three Ip Man movies, like Ip Man’s living room replete with the wooden dummy, family portraits, and the big round table where Yen sparred with Sammo Hung.

The pavilion will be on display from Dec 9 to Jan 6.

On the next day, Yen will make an appearance at Shaw Theatre Lido for the Ip Man 4: The Finale gala premiere (8.30pm onwards).

Like the title says, Ip Man 4: The Finale is Yen’s swansong as the Wing Chun master. In the sequel, Ip Man follows his protégé Bruce Lee (Danny Kwow-Kwan) to San Francisco to open a martial arts school.

Wilson Yip is again the director with the legendary Yuen Wo-Ping choreographing the fights.

Ip Man 4: The Finale opens in cinemas Dec 20. Catch Donnie Yen on Dec 9 at the Festive Plaza, Our Tampines Hub, 7pm-8.30pm; and Dec 10 for the gala premiere at Lido, 8.30pm onwards.

 Photo: Shaw Organisation 


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