Demolition Expert Battles Corruption In 'Explosion'

The most exciting part of this movie is the title.

Explosion (M18)

Starring Duan Yihong, Yu Nan 

Directed by Chang Zheng

Explosion is a 90-minute Chinese movie trapped in one that’s two hours long… okay, it’s actually 107 minutes but it really felt long. Brooding Duan Yihong plays a demolition expert caught in a feud between two rival coal mine bosses, and when one of them ends up dead, he’s framed for the crime. 

Naturally, the wrongfully accused uses his pyro know-how to clear his name (one cool moment: he fashions a claymore mine from a torch light). Sadly, the overcooked thriller takes too long to build up and when it’s ready to take off, the wheels are still grounded. Explosive? Hardly. Try enervating. (**)

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