David Oyelowo Breaks Bad In Drug Trafficking Black Comedy 'Gringo'

The guy who once played Martin Luther King Jr can do funny too.

Gringo (M18)

Starring David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton

Directed by Nash Edgerton

David Oyelowo plays a mild-mannered Nigerian working for a pharmaceutical company which has invented a marijuana pill. Hilarity and bloodshed ensue when his shady bosses (Charlize Theron, in man-eater mode; Joel Edgerton, in douchebag mode) implicate him in a conspiracy involving the Mexican drug cartel.

Oyelowo is a serious actor who’s been in a few serious movies (Selma, A United Kingdom), so it’s kinda refreshing, odd even, to see his sillier side in this sporadically diverting, tonally uneven crime caper. Sharlto Copley shines too as a reformed mercenary hired to defuse the situation, but his story belongs in another movie. (**1/2)

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