'Chasing Coral' Is A Bleak Look At The Great Barrier Reef's Future

'Chasing Coral'

Chasing Coral (PG)

Starring Richard Vevers, John ‘Charlie’ Veron

Directed by Jeff Orlowski

This award-winning docu is about Richard Vevers, an ad man-turned-ocean conservationist, and a group of marine biologists racing against time to record the vanishing corals in the Great Barrier Reef with an experimental time-lapse camera. 

It’s heartbreaking to see the seabed once teeming with biodiversity now reduced — by climate change — to an eerie wasteland. If coral bleaching isn’t contained, the ecosystem will go kaput. The docu doesn’t sugarcoat the gloom and that’s why we need to get off our butts to save the corals and, utlimately, ourselves. Visit chasingcoral.com on how you can do that. (***1/2)

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