'Champion' Is A Heartwarming Dramedy About Arm-Wrestling

Watch this for 'Train to Busan' breakout Don Lee

Champion (PG)

Starring Don Lee, Kwon Yul, Han Ye-Ri 

Directed by Kim Yong-Wan

Champion falls in that rare sub-genre of sports movies: arm wrestling. How rare? The last major entry was the 1987 Sylvester Stallone vehicle Over the Top, which receives a shout-out in this charming, old-school underdog dramedy. 

Train to Busan breakout Don Lee (aka Ma Dong-Seok) plays a former arm-wrestling champ who returns to his native South Korea for a competition and is reunited with his biological family. 

Lee looks like a thug but is a teddy bear inside; you can never tell if he’s sad, grumpy or angry, but when he cracks a smile, he can really make your day. (***1/2)

(Photo: Warner Bros)

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