Can Someone Please Give An Award To Bong Joon-Ho’s Interpreter Sharon Choi?

Sharon Choi has been on publicity trail for 'Parasite' since May.

Bong Joon-Ho should make Sharon Choi an honorary cast member of Parasite, if he hasn’t already done it. While Choi has nothing to do with the production of the recent Best Picture Oscar winner, she did play a vital role during the awards season — as Bong’s intrepid interpreter. 

Choi, 25, a Korean-American filmmaker currently living in Seoul, has been with Bong on every film festival and award show, making sure that the director relays his thoughts about the dark comedy-thriller, with minimal loss in translation.

Judging from the social media feedback, she’s done a splendidly nuanced and eloquent job in getting Bong’s messages across. Her boss thinks so too. “Thanks to her, this campaign has been a smooth journey,” Bong said. reached out to Choi for comments via Parasite’s distributors but we suspect she’ll only be available when Bong hits the promotional circuit for his next movie. Until then here are five things you should know about the unsung MVP of the awards season.

No. 1: She’s a rookie interpreter

She has been on the road with Bong since May, starting with the Cannes Film Festival, where Parasite clinched the Palm d’Or. Before this, she has never done anything like this. She can always pursue a second career as an interpreter.

No. 2: She made history on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

When Bong appeared on the late-night talk show in December, he became the first guest to be interviewed via an interpreter. And the audience went wild... .

No. 3 She was a scene-stealer at the Golden Globes

After the Tonight Show appearance, Choi stole the limelight again at the Golden Globes where Parasite was named Best Foreign Language Film. There, Bong famously said, via Choi’s fluent interpretation, “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

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No. 4: Coming Soon: Untitled Sharon Choi Movie

She’s working on her own movie. In the Oscars press room, Bong told reporters, “She’s writing a feature-length script, I’m so curious about it.” According to TheWrap, Choi’s project is set during awards season. She probably has a lot to say about the subject-matter.

No. 5: ...and she has a lot of fans

Her appearances on the awards and film fest circuit has made her a darling on the Internet. “I know she has a huge fandom,” Bong acknowledged to Hollywood Reporter after the Golden Globes. Here are some of the cool things her fans (including the star of Last Christmas) are saying…





Parasite (M18) is still in cinemas. It'll  be available on and the Viu app from Feb 15. 

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