Bruce Willis Reprises John McClane For Die Hard Car Batteries Commercial


Bruce Willis is back as John McClane, the New York cop with a habit of being the wrong person at the wrong at the wrong time. This time, McClane finds himself in another bind — not in a movie, but a car battery ad.  

In the explosive (it's Die Hard, what do you expect?) two-minute promo for DieHard Battery, McClane is stranded in the middle of nowhere after his car battery dies on him. Good news: there’s an Advance Auto Parts store nearby. Bad news: McClane’s nemeses are there as well. A shoot-out ensues.

Die-hard Die Hard fans will notice a few Easter eggs from the franchise, including the use of Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 9’ on the soundtrack; appearances by Die Hard alums De’voreaux White (Argyle the limo driver) and Clarence Gilyard Jr (Theo the computer hacker); and an escape through an air vent. And what's Die Hard without McClane's iconic catchphrase "Yippee-ka-yay!"? This time it's uttered by Argyle. "Hey, that's my line!", says McClane. 

The first Die Hard came out in 1988 and spawned four sequels; the last one was 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard (that’s the one set in Russia, with Jai Courtney as his son). In 2018, there was talk of a sixth instalment called McClane which is part sequel and part prequel. But that project has been reportedly aborted after Disney bought over 20th Century Fox.


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