Bruce Willis Gets Lost In The Lame Action-Comedy 'Once Upon A Time In Venice'

Why did Brucey sign up for this?


Once Upon a Time in Venice (M18)

Starring Bruce Willis, Thomas Middleditch

Directed by Mark Cullen & Robb Cullen

The Venice here refers to the beach town in California, not the Italian city. (You wish!) Bruce Willis plays a low-rent private eye mixed up with bumbling drug dealers, corrupt realtors, sleazy loan sharks, and a kidnapped dog. It’s a hackneyed, dime-store Elmore Leonard caper where Willis looks either terribly lackadaisical or chill. Can’t really ever tell which is which. Whatever compelling reasons that drew him and his co-stars (including Jason Momoa, John Goodman and Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch) to this coma-dy, they aren’t here. Maybe it was the set catering that sealed the deal. Do yourself a favour: Go watch Kedi instead.

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