Blake Lively Is Lovely In Boring Marriage-In-Crisis Drama 'All I See Is You'

Who's planning a holiday to Thailand?

All I See Is You (R21)

Starring Blake Lively, Jason Clarke 

Directed by Marc Forster

After a stint as an action director-for-hire (Quantum of Solace, Machine Gun Preacher and World War Z), Marc Forster returns to his arthouse roots with this beautifully shot but sluggish relationship drama set in Bangkok.

Blake Lively plays a blind woman whose sight is restored after a corneal transplant. The bad news is, her marriage to her businessman hubby (Jason Clarke) is coming apart at the seams: She starts flirting with other men and he secretly wishes that she’s still blind. They bicker. They make up. They bicker again… Geeze, can someone please suggest they go see a counsellor? (**)

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