Bill Pullman's Independence Day Speech Was The Reason The Studio Dropped The Original Title

Can you imagine 'Independence Day' being called something else?

Bill Pullman helped Independence Day get its title.

The 66-year-old actor played President Whitmore in the 1996 sci-fi movie and revealed that it was supposed to be called Doomsday, before Whitmore's iconic speech in the film inspired the name change.

Bill told CinemaBlend of the famous scene: "We shot that at night, of course, because it's dark and not on a sound stage or anything.

"It was really late, and it got moved into the schedule early, because [producer] Dean Devlin and [director] Roland Emmerich were in contention right then with Fox about the title.

"I think it was gonna be Doomsday. It's what Fox wanted, and it was a title that was typical of the time [for a] disaster movie."

Bill added that he felt under pressure to perform when making the speech, as Dean and Roland wanted the flick to be called 'Independence Day.

Bill explained: "They really wanted Independence Day, so we had to make the speech really good.

"And then they cut it together, and a couple of nights later, Dean come to my trailer, and he said, 'Do you wanna see it?'

"So he popped in the VHS, he showed me the cut of the speech, and I went 'Holy Mother, they have got to name this movie Independence Day.' And they did."

Bill's speech was in the limelight last month when President Donald Trump shared a bizarre video clip where Trump's head was superimposed over Bill's. And it gets more bizarre: the video features the likes of Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. 

In a Hollywood Reporter interview, Bill, who played the POTUS again the sequel, 2016's Independence Day: Resurgence, said, "My voice belongs to no one but me, but I'm not running for president — this year.”

ID4 co-star Vivica A Fox wasn't pleased with Trump stealing the speech. She tweeted: "Pretending [you] know what [you're] doing?? Can't believe [you] would insult our classic film this way! But hey! Typical POS behavior! [You] never had the leadership or courage to do this role! Never!"

But Randy Quaid, another ID4 alum and staunch Trump supporter , approved of the meme. He tweeted: "At the premiere of our film ID4 the audience lined around 2 blocks and leapt to their feet, cheering with patriotic enthusiasm throughout the film. I had not seen that kind of intense fervor until the Trump rallies." — BANG 


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