Ben Barnes Wants To Play Flynn Rider In Rapunzel Live-Action Remake

Zachary Levi wants the job too.

Ben Barnes wants to play Flynn Rider in the rumoured live-action remake of Rapunzel.

The Westworld actor took to Twitter to respond to a fan who had tweeted a picture of himself and the character from Disney's 2010 animated flick Tangled, which saw Zachary Levi voice the good-intentioned thief, and admitted he'd jump at the chance to take on the role.

He wrote: "I am so up for this @DisneyStudios...even down to the little chin beard! #Tangled."

Mandy Moore voiced Rapunzel in the animated movie.

Over the weekend it was reported that Disney is developing a live-action remake of Rapunzel, though it's not known whether it will be directly related to Tangled.

Ashleigh Powell —  who penned The Nutcracker and the Four Realms — is said to be writing the script.

Last year, Levi said he wants to star in the live-action adaptation of Tangled.

The 39-year-old actor admitted he loved the idea of playing the princess' husband if the studio were to make a new version, but admitted he might not be the "right guy" to play the part by the time they make it.

He said: "As much as I would love to play Flynn Rider in a live-action Tangled, by the time they get around to that, I don't think I'm gonna be the right guy to play that role.

"I'll be there coaching that guy, I'll make sure he understands what that smoulder means, but I think my hair will be like Steve Martin-white by the time they do a live-action Tangled."

He then teased: "In lieu of playing Flynn Rider in a live-action Tangled, I would say, I don't know... Ariel from The Little Mermaid, maybe."— BANG


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