Anne Hathaway's Sci-Fi Dramedy 'Colossal' Is Too Weird To Describe

This is a monster flick for folks who don't like relationship dramas. (Sorta)

Colossal (PG13)
Starring Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis
Directed by Nacho Vigalondo

Anne Hathaway plays a messed-up thirtysomething writer who returns to her hometown to think things through. There, she’s reunited with Jason Sudeikis’ childhood pal. You know the drill: They meet, sparks fly and a hook-up seems imminent.

Sounds like a gazillion rom-coms that came before, right? Wait. So while she’s sorting out her feelings, Seoul is being trampled on by a kaiju. Come again?

How these two events are connected is this beguilingly strange yet thoughtful movie’s USP. We can’t say much except that it’s a monster movie for folks aren’t into relationship dramas, and a relationship drama for those aren’t genetically wired for creature features. Curious yet? (****) 


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