'Alone' Is An Eerie Thriller From The Director Of 'The Eye' Remake

There'd better be a sequel to this.

Alone (NC16)

Starring Sofia Lesaffre, Stephane Bak, Jean-Stan Du Pac

Directed by David Moreau

French fantasy thriller about five teens waking up one morning to find out that the streets are emptied, and the grown-ups are missing. Is it the Rapture? An alien invasion? A dream? Heaven (or Hell)? The mystery thickens when a masked marauder turns up to stalk the kids. Must stop here ’cos any further and I risk ruining the surprise. Director David Moreau (The Eye) does a bang-up job of creating a spooky post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and drawing strong performances from his young ensemble. The ending, however, … well, let’s just say that there’d better be a sequel. In French with English subtitles. (***)

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