Adam Sandler Teams Up With Chris Rock In Wedding Comedy ‘The Week Of’

But this isn’t ‘Grown Ups 3’.

The Week Of (NC16)

Starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock 

Directed by Robert Smigel

Remember when Adam Sandler used to be funny? This coma-dey — the Sandman’s latest and his fourth out of an eight-picture deal with the Netflix — is a (nother) painful reminder of how irrelevant he’s become. 

Sandler plays a bumbling father experiencing a meltdown as he preps for his daughter’s wedding. So it’s kinda like Father of the Bride? Except this version is bland and mildly amusing. The expression of longtime pal Chris Rock, as the groom’s pop, says it all: He looks like he’s there as a favour to Sandler. Was Rob Schneider too busy to return hs call? On Netflix. (**)

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