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New Covid-19 Measures From May 8-30: A Cheatsheet To All You Need To Know About Social Gathering Sizes, WFH & Gym Closures

New safe management measures kicking in from May 8 to 30.

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New Covid-19 Measures From May 8-30: A Cheatsheet To All You Need To Know About Social Gathering Sizes, WFH & Gym Closures

Grappling with the new (or new-old) Covid-19 rules in Singapore? Here’s the cheatsheet you need about all the new safe management measures kicking in from May 8 to 30.

The latest safe management measures in Singapore come amid the rising Covid-19 cases within the community in the past week.

What to know about tightened Covid-19 measures in Singapore from May 8 to 30:

#1: Social gatherings sizes reduced from eight to five.
A maximum of five per group for social gatherings and each home can receive up to five visitors. People are also advised to keep to two or fewer social gatherings per day.

#2: Indoor gyms and fitness studios to close from May 8 to 30.
These have been identified as higher risk settings as they are small enclosed spaces where people are in close proximity with other unmasked people.

#3: Outdoor exercise
Outdoor exercise classes and programmes limited to a class size of 30, split into groups of five. A safe distance of 3m required between groups; and 2m between individuals.

#4: Workplace capacity reduced.
Proportion of employees working in the office — from 75 per cent currently to 50 per cent. Start times must be staggered for employees who need to return to the workplace, and flexible working hours must be implemented. Social gatherings in the office should be avoided.

#5: Religious organisations
Pre-event testing required for congregational and worship services with more than 100 attendees at any one time, capped at 250 attendees. No congregational singing allowed.

#6: Weddings
- Maximum number of attendees is 250 in total, in zones of up to 50 pax. These numbers include the wedding couple but exclude the solemniser and vendors.
- For solemnisations with over 50 pax, pre-event testing required for wedding couple.
- For wedding receptions with over 50 attendees, pre-event testing is mandatory for all attendees and wedding couple.

#7: Funerals
Funerals limited to maximum of 30 pax on the day of burial or cremation, down from 50. For days of the wake, the cap remains at 30 attendees at any one time. No pre-event testing required.

#8: Cinemas
Capacity reduced to 100 attendees, but could increase to 250 with pre-event testing, authorities say. Safe distancing between groups of five required.

#9: Museums and libraries
Operating capacity reduced to 50 per cent (down from 65 per cent).

#10 Tours
Tour sizes capped at 20 attendees, reduced from 50 pax.

#11: Large-scale events
All mass participation sports events suspended; no spectators allowed. Other large-scale events such as live performances and pilot B2B events reduced to 250, down from 750. For these events with more than 100 attendees, pre-event testing is mandatory.

#12: Mandatory TraceTogether check-in deadline from May 17.
Implementation of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry check-ins brought forward to May 17 from June 1. That means places people will not be able to do SafeEntry check-ins by scanning the QR code on their phones or the SingPass app, only with the TraceTogether app or token. Scanning of barcodes on ID cards will be allowed until May 31.

#13: Massages, spas, facials
No changes to services like massages, spas and facials and indoor sports halls — all classified as higher-risk settings — as yet.

Main photo: Unsplash/grainfalls
Infographic: Pyron Tan

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