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Does Google Know You Better Than Your Mother Does?

The answer — and more — in this week's YouTube picks.

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Does Google Know You Better Than Your Mother Does?

From a video about a basketball child prodigy to how Google plays a huge role in our lives, these choice YouTube picks will teach you new life hacks you never knew you needed.

Fishy Business

Losing hope of ever striking 4D? Well, this ad might inspire you. It shows a young husband struggling to make ends meet as a fisherman. One day, he returns home exhausted from a long day out at sea to find that his wife has moved out of their tiny house… into a bigger one, all thanks to the lottery. There’s hope yet.

Shop For Good

When you pick up something from the thrift store, that good deed creates a ripple effect. A woman in a Goodwill store mulls over a purchase. Unknown to her, the event is broadcast live on TV with hundreds of spectators tuning in to find out what the verdict will be. We always knew shopping was a sporting event.

A Ball Of A Time

Even if you’re not a fan of basketball, you’d still be impressed by this performance. A little girl takes on popular basketball exhibition team, the Harlem Globetrotters, and dazzles the audience with masterful dribbling skills. Now, what were you doing when you were eight years old?

Search Party

This ad, which features a carousel of the many Internet searches we make daily, shows just how integrated our browser and our life are. Everything from dealing with a break-up to getting healthy is captured in our browser’s history. While meant to show how integral Google Chrome is, it’s also quite alarming.

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