Zhou Xun and Archie Kao reportedly finalising divorce details

The couple tied the knot in 2014

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Chinese actress Zhou Xun tied the knot with American-Chinese actor Archie Kao in a surprise ceremony during a charity event in 2014. In recent years, rumours and reports about the couple’s rocky marriage have been surfacing every once in a while, though they were always denied almost immediately by the couple’s respective agencies.

However, yesterday, a new report alleged that the couple has been separated for the past two years, and that Archie had asked Zhou Xun for a divorce last year.

According to the report, the couple came from very different backgrounds, and have differing viewpoints and cultural upbringings. Though they tried to bridge the gap at first, their best efforts still weren’t enough. Two years ago, Archie had suggested for the couple to live separately, so that they could have some space to think about their relationship. Last year, he reportedly made his decision, and asked Zhou Xun for a divorce, though the actress has yet to make a decision.

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The report then went on to share that Zhou Xun had finally thought things through recently, and had agreed to get a divorce. The duo are currently settling the paperwork and procedures necessary for their divorce, and are left with the last step before their split is made official. 

An insider also revealed that the reason for Zhou Xun’s long period of deliberation was due to “differing financial situations”. Zhou Xun’s yearly earnings eclipse that of Archie’s, and as the couple did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement, the actress was unwilling to pay the divorce settlement fees requested by Archie.

It was also reported that Archie had lived in Taiwan for a period of time following their separation, and was often seen in the company of a Caucasian male. However, when reached for a comment, the actor’s manager replied, “[He] has been in America for almost half the year, there’s definitely no divorce or any new romantic interests [in Archie’s life].”

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