Zhou Dongyu, TFBOYS’ Jackson Yee’s latest movie abruptly shelved three days before release

The reasons behind the last-minute move are unclear as of now.


The release date of upcoming movie Better Days, which stars Chinese singer-actor Jackson Yee from the boy group TFBOYS, as well as Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu, was abruptly pushed back a mere three days before the originally scheduled date of June 27.

Both Jackson and Dongyu had previously attended the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival held earlier this month to promote the movie. However, even as the release date drew nearer, various cinema chains had yet to update their ticketing details, causing confusion amongst fans. Rumours that a number of cinema chains had received a “verbal notice of cancellation” started spreading as well, adding to the confusion.

Soon after, the official Weibo account of the movie released a notice on their page. “After considering the current state of the market, as well as the production completion of Better Days and discussions between the producer and distributors, Better Days will not be released on June 27. The new release date will be announced later. We’re sorry for the inconvenience brought about by the changes, and seek your understanding!” they wrote.


It is understood that Better Days, which is based on the novel, ‘Young and Beautiful’, includes scenes of juveniles committing crimes, as well as bullying in school. Thus, due to the inclusion of the two controversial subjects, which much of the movie centres around, it was withdrawn from release. According to reports, the movie is rumoured to have failed to obtain their public screening licence from the authorities in China.

Better Days was initially scheduled to be screened at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival in February this year as well. However, days before the commencement of the film festival, the movie was removed from the screening schedule. At that time, the reason for the cancellation was attributed to “post-production issues”.

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