Zheng Shuang speculated to have broken up with boyfriend due to domestic violence

A blind item posted online about an actress suffering from domestic violence has netizens guessing her identity.


Chinese media outlets have picked up on a blind item posted online, which alleged that a “young actress born in the 90s has broken up with her significant other”. The blind item, which was posted by an anonymous netizen, went on to share that the actress was a victim of domestic violence, despite often showing off her relationship online. 

The blind item also shared that the couple in question had filmed a variety show together two to three months ago. The poster had apparently heard that the actress was a victim of domestic violence from the actress’s assistant, who had shared that the actress “had a facial injury”.

After the blink item was posted, netizens quickly started speculating about the identity of the actress mentioned in the post. Many of their guesses soon landed on Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, who had filmed the variety show, Meeting Mr. Right 2, with her non-celebrity boyfriend, Zhang Heng, a few months prior.

According to reports, Zhang Heng is the CEO of a gaming company, with Zheng Shuang co-founding a phone app called M77 together with him, in order to better communicate with her fans.

Zheng Shuang’s name quickly rose up the ranks of Weibo’s trending searches, as more netizens joined in on the speculations. However, some fans have stepped forward to defend the actress’s boyfriend, sharing that the couple is currently in France together to attend Paris Fashion Week, and had turned up at the airport in matching couple wear a few days before.

Reports from July this year had also speculated that the 27-year-old actress was ready to tie the knot with her beau, casting more doubt on the blind item.

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