Zhang Ziyi showers birthday wishes on her step-daughter

She called the 14-year-old "my happy baby"


Last month, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi announced that she is pregnant with her second child. The actress has been married to Chinese rocker Wang Feng for four years, and the couple has a daughter, Xing Xing, 3, together.

Other than Xing Xing, Wang Feng has two other daughters. 14-year-old Apple was born out of wedlock. Apple’s mother is 32-year-old Chinese model Ge Huijie.

His second daughter, Jingyi, 7, was born when Wang Feng was married to his second wife, Kang Zuoru. Zuoru is believed to have custody of Jingyi, with Wang Feng only revealing the existence of the 7-year-old to the public two years ago.

As for Apple, Ziyi is believed to have taken on the role of the 14-year-old’s mother after tying the knot with Wang Feng.

After Ziyi announced that she is pregnant with her second child, Huijie took to her Weibo to share her displeasure in a post on her Weibo. In her post, she accused Wang Feng of “trying to spread your genes everywhere”, and implored for him to “look after your own daughter first”. 

Wang Feng and Ziyi have yet to comment or reply to Huijie’s post. 


On November 25, Ziyi made a post on her own Weibo, celebrating Apple’s 14th birthday. She shared a picture of the duo together with the caption, “Six years ago, Mama celebrated your birthday with you for the first time. You were eight then. In the blink of an eye, that shy crybaby with a gap toothed (smile) has transformed into a slender, elegant, multi-talented young lady who can think for herself. I wish for you to be able to be (true to) yourself in every period of your life, to work hard to enrich your life with knowledge, so that you can meet a better version of yourself in the future. Happy birthday my happy baby.”

Wang Feng also posted a series of pictures of Apple over the years on his own Weibo. In his post, he also urged Apple to “be fearless and beautiful, like your mother Ziyi, to always strive to improve yourself, gaining the respect and love of others”.


Photos: PBE Media

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