Zhang Ziyi’s parents disapproved of Wang Feng

It was once forbidden to even mention the singer’s name in the house


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and her husband, Chinese singer Wang Feng are the picture of bliss on the variety show, Viva La Romance 2. However, the road to love was not always smooth-sailing for the lovebirds, who tied the knot in 2015. The couple have a daughter, nicknamed Xingxing, together.

On a recent episode of the show, Ziyi shared with her fellow cast mates that the couple had run into a number of difficulties when they first started dating. Of the many difficulties, the toughest challenge for them was gaining the approval of Ziyi’s parents.

“He (Wang Feng) has been divorced (twice) and has two daughters,” Ziyi said, recounting what her parents had said to her. 

At one point, it was even forbidden for anyone to even mention Wang Feng’s name in the house, causing the tension between Ziyi and her parents to intensify. 

However, Ziyi ultimately decided to tie the knot with Wang Feng.


“I wanted to live (my life) for myself just once,” she said, explaining why she had disregarded her parents’ wishes. After tying the knot, Ziyi and Wang Feng moved into an apartment that was just one floor below her parents.

There was also an awkward encounter when they unexpectedly ran into Ziyi’s parents in the elevator. At that time, it seemed like “all the air had been sucked out from the elevator”, with Ziyi quickly mentioning that they were “about to visit” her parents. 

Chiming in, Wang Feng laughed that he remembers the incident, and that he couldn’t do anything apart from praying for “time to pass quickly”.  However, he has since won over his parents-in-law and is regarded as a friend. He often invites Ziyi’s father out for meals or outings, and helps her mother to solve problems that she runs into.

They added that the tables have turned so drastically that Ziyi’s mother is now Wang Feng’s biggest supporter and will not hesitate to defend him against anyone who speaks ill of him

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