Zhang Zhen Huan in a relationship with marriage in mind

The 33-year-old finally took action with his maybe-girlfriend for over a year

zhang zhen huan girlfriend

Congratulations are in store for Zhang Zhen Huan, who has gone public with his girlfriend, Sally Pan. He previously told us about her in January, and shared that they have been in an ambiguous relationship for over a year.

Sally also hails from China, and has a 10-year age gap with Zhen Huan. She is currently attending the Cosmoprof Academy and the actor gushed that he likes that she is "understanding and adorable".

It looks like there’s no more ambiguity as he posted a couple shot of them on his Instagram today (April 30), with fellow artistes pouring in their congratulations in the comments.

Following his big reveal, Toggle tried to contact him but to no avail, with his manager confirming with us that yes, the girl in the snap is the very same one he was going out with for over a year, and yes, they’re officially together.

“We haven’t been together for long, and there wasn’t any particular reason behind us going public,” Zhen Huan shared. “It was probably because we’re finally together (after so long), and there’s nothing wrong about it, which is why we decided to be open about our relationship as well.

He continued, “As for whether or not we’re going to get married, I always date with marriage as the final goal. If we have any more good news to share, we will do so in future, and we’re thankful to everyone for their blessings.”

Zhen Huan later responded via WhatsApp and apologised for not being able to reveal more, as "she's not in showbiz so I'll refrain from sharing more information for the time being".

With the actor previously sharing with us that his father is rushing him to tie the knot, we’re sure that his folks back home will take to this news with much enthusiasm.

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