Zanilia Zhao spotted with possible baby bump

This has renewed speculations that she is expecting

zanilia zhao baby bump

Is she, or is she not? That’s the question that’s been surrounding Zanilia Zhao, who has been speculated since July to be pregnant. While the actress has denied round after round of rumours, the latest wave of reports have claimed that she is expecting twins.

Latest photos of her out and about with her husband, Feng Shaofeng, have fuelled that speculation as the actress was spotted with what looked like a baby bump under her winter coat as she strolled around hand-in-hand with Shaofeng.

The photos were uploaded by a netizen who claimed to have seen the couple in Beijing.

While both Shaofeng and Zanilia were dressed casually, many netizens pointed out that her white coat looked to be covering a baby bump, which led to them stating that it’s “impossible” that she is not expecting.

Others pointed out that it could have been the angle, or how the coat looks like when it’s zipped up, and maintained that they should take the pictures with a pinch of salt until further evidence of Zanilia’s pregnancy surfaces.

There were some who also shared that they should respect the couple’s wish to keep their private lives out of the spotlight, adding that they had “no obligation” to share news of the pregnancy even if it was real.

Photos: PBE Media

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