Zanilia Zhao spotted together with Feng Shaofeng

Chinese actors wore matching outfits for their dinner date


Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao (or Zhao Liying) was sighted having a dinner date with a male companion wearing a black cap and mask at a restaurant in Shanghai, China recently, sparking dating rumours between the two. 

Photos showed that said man picked Zanilia and her assistant up after her work engagement before they headed to the restaurant. The pair left promptly for the hotel after the meal and made it out of the building with Zanilia’s assistant. The car was later identified as Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng’s (or William Feng) sports car.

Dating rumours gained traction after fan photos confirmed that they were wearing matching outfits that night. 

Although after further sleuthing, it was discovered that their jackets are said to be production outfits as the two actors have worked on several projects together.

Zanilia and the 38-year-old actor worked together in Chinese period movie, The Monkey King 3, which will be released in 2018, and will play lovers in upcoming 70-episode Chinese period series, Legend of the Concubine's Daughter Ming Lan, which is currently in production. Both parties have not made any response to the dating rumours at press time.

The 38 year-old actor was previously romantically linked with The Mermaid lead actress Lin Yun (also known as Jelly Lin) after ending his 3-year relationshipwith fellow actress Ni Ni.

Photos: PBE Media

Feng Shaofeng seen on date with ‘Mermaid’ Lin Yun

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