Zanilia Zhao reserves VIP delivery suite: reports

She and husband Feng Shaofeng are said to be welcoming their first child in March


Chinese actors Zanilia Zhao and Feng Shaofeng confirmed that they had tied the knot last October, and announced in January this year that they are expecting their first child, a son, together.

At the time, they did not share any further details about their bun in the oven, including the due date. However, reports claimed that she was seven months pregnant and that their baby would be born in March. They have neither confirmed nor denied this piece of news.

Recent reports have added to this claim, sharing that the couple has reserved a delivery suite at a reputable hospital for them to welcome their son. A source claimed that Chinese host Xie Na recommended the hospital to them, and that the couple decided to get the exact same team of doctors and nurses to care for their baby.

In addition, Zanilia is said to have chosen the VIP delivery suite, which costs RMB 10,100 (about S$2,030) a day, excluding other costs.

Although it has yet to be officially confirmed if the couple will indeed welcome their firstborn next month, fans have already taken to social media and left a flurry of congratulatory comments on their respective pages.

Others have pointed out that the couple, who is known for their preference to keep a low profile, will likely either announce their baby’s birth much later, or not mention it at all.

Photos: PBE Media

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