Zanilia Zhao planning to take legal action against source of malicious rumours

The Chinese actress was claimed to have used “30 stunt doubles” in TV series ‘Princess Agents’


Zanilia Zhao (also known as Zhao Liying) has issued an official statement on her work studio’s Weibo yesterday, claiming that she would take action against those who spread false rumours about her. The actress was the victim of claims saying that she had used “30 stunt doubles” in television series Princess Agents, resulting in lots of backlash from netizens.

However, she has stepped out not only to refute these statements but also to inform the public that she would not let those involved get away as it almost “ruined my reputation as an artiste.”


Her statement mentioned that her team was planning to take legal action against the source of the rumours, the media outlets that have reported them and also those who played a part in spreading them online. She also added that lawyers and the authorities have already been informed and will now be taking over the case.

The actress’s popularity has been rising in recent years, after her role in The Journey of Flower in 2015 and subsequently, Princess Agents, in 2016. 

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