Zanilia Zhao loses more than 7kg for upcoming movie

The Chinese actress is barely 40 kilograms


Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao (also known as Zhao Liying) was recently reported to have lost more than 7 kilograms to fit her role as ‘Ruler of Women’s Country’ in upcoming Chinese movie The Monkey King 3.

As the 30-year-old actress is 1.65m tall but reported to weigh only approximately 40 kilograms, her underweight appearance causing worry among fans.

On top of losing weight, Zanilia also maintains professionalism by filming action scenes personally, instead of using stunt doubles.

While filming a horse-riding scene in Chinese romance film The Palace, the actress suffered injuries to her lower back, making it difficult for her to stand over long periods of time. The slight protrusion of her lower back vertebra could also be seen when she wears backless dresses.


Zanilia gained popularity in recent years for her roles in The Journey of Flower in 2016, and Princess Agents in 2017.

The actress was previously rumoured to have used “30 stunt doubles” in Princess Agents, and suffered backlash from netizens as a result. She has since claimed that she will take legal action against those who spread false rumours and “ruined her reputation as an artiste”.

Photos: PBE Media

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