Zanilia Zhao hits back against accusations of unprofessionalism

The actress was rumoured to have been uncooperative with the crew’s requests while filming an upcoming drama

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Zanilia Zhao (also known as Zhao Liying) was unwittingly pulled into a scandal recently after a blind item was uploaded online. In the alleged showbiz insider’s post, he claimed that a female star received a huge paycheque for a project. Halfway through filming, she is said to have snipped off her long locks, causing problems to the production team.

The blind item continued with claims that the female star was asked to re-film certain angles for scenes that she shot with her long hair, but that the said actress refused to do so, and rejected the suggestion of wearing a wig to replicate her previous hairstyle.

While there were no names mentioned in the post, netizens started to assume that Zanilia was the actress in question, as she recently snipped off her long locks and is currently filming the drama Our Glamourous Time, which is slated for release next year.

Her fans quickly rebutted these claims, sharing that the 29-year-old cut her hair in June, while filming for Our Glamourous Time began in July. 

In addition, the drama’s production crew updated their official Weibo and denied the rumours, declaring that they have taken screenshots of the false accusations and will consider taking legal action against the commenters to safeguard their interests.

Zanilia also broke her silence, updating her Weibo with, “I can only do my part; everything else is up to fate.” She also included a screenshot that had the caption, “I turn my world upside down just so that I can straighten out your reflection”.

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