Zanilia Zhao spotted holding hands with Feng Shaofeng

New evidence of the relationship between The Story of Ming Lan co-stars has surfaced

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Are The Story of Ming Lan co-stars Zanilia Zhao (Zhao Li Ying) and Feng Shaofeng dating? The answer, it seems, is yes.

After multiple sightings and eventual denials from the two actors, new pictures of Zanilia, 30, and Shaofeng, 40, holding hands and going on dates made the rounds on the internet a few days ago, suggesting that they are more than just friends.

Last week, a fan spotted the two actors holding hands and walking along the streets of Beijing, but their identities were unverified as only their back views were captured.

However, a netizen bumped into the pair while out on a date again in Beijing’s China Central Mall on Monday and eagle-eyed netizens pointed out that Zanilia was carrying the same white bag on both occasions.

zhao liying feng shaofeng

On top of that, although both of them wearing masks and caps, another photo of Zanilia lounging on an armchair—without her face mask—confirmed her identity.

The original post containing the pictures of Zanilia and Shaofeng was deleted after the news was published, and both actors and their agencies have yet to confirm or refute the new evidence that has surfaced.

According to China media, sparks flew between the two Chinese actors after they worked on fantasy film The Monkey King 3 last year. They will be reunited on the small screen and will romance each other in an upcoming Chinese period series, The Story of Ming Lan, slated to air on China’s iQiyi soon.

Shaofeng, one of the most in-demand actors in China, was in a three-year relationship with Chinese actress Nini prior to this. Their relationship ended in 2016 due to him allegedly cheating on her with another Chinese actress, Jelly Lin.

Photos: PBE Media

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