Z.Tao apologises for weight gain

A hashtag discussing the singer-actor’s weight gain trended on Weibo yesterday


Chinese singer-actor Huang Zitao, better known as Z.Tao has had a packed schedule of late. After assuming the role of the main host and representative of Chinese female idol reality survival competition Produce 101 last year, his popularity has soared.

Since then, he has been busy juggling his various work commitments, from filming to appearances at promotional events. 

On Wednesday (March 20), the 25-year-old made an appearance at the Beijing Capital International Airport dressed simply, in a black tee, with a denim jacket on. However, fans couldn’t help but to notice that Z.Tao looked a little rounder in the face. 

After pictures of the 25-year-old at the airport was posted online, fans and netizens alike begun expressing their surprise at his weight gain.

“It looks like even handsome guys can’t escape the terrors of weight gain,” one commented. The discussion continued on throughout the day, and by the next morning, a hashtag had trended on Weibo.


Titled, “Huang Zitao has gained weight”, the hashtag made it on the trending list of Weibo, inciting much comments and criticism from the general public. “What does his weight gain have to do with you?,” a fan commented.

The discussion even caught the attention of Z.Tao himself, who made a post yesterday afternoon. 

“Sorry, I’ve indeed gained 20 jin (approximately 10kg). I’m currently dieting,” he wrote, attaching a selfie, before going on to promote his upcoming drama, The Brightest Star in the Sky.

Photos: PBE Media

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