Yvonne Lim is moving back to Singapore

The 42-year-old is still on the hunt for a house


When Yvonne Lim relocated her entire family to Singapore to film her comeback drama While You Were Away, we asked her if she was intending to come back home for good. At the time, she shared that it was her long-term goal, especially after experiencing an earthquake in Taiwan.

Three months later, we caught up with Yvonne again, where she happily announced that the big move is underway.

“My schedule this time around is really packed, but I’ve been searching for a house whenever I have time,” she said with a mock sigh when she spoke to us during a break from her shoot yesterday. “There was once we almost signed on the dotted line, but things didn’t work out. I’m still looking.”

Why the rush to get a house?

The 42-year-old explained, “We’ve been thinking about moving back in time for [my son] AJ to attend primary school here, and I heard that you need to have lived at the address for at least two or three years if you want to qualify for a certain admission phase when you’re registering.”

That doesn’t mean that she’s becoming a tiger mum, however, as Yvonne assured us that it’s not a case of “die-die must send him to a certain school”. Instead, she just hopes for him to be slightly above-average, and more importantly, learn all the right life lessons and values while he’s at school.

Speaking of AJ, we also checked in with her about his English, which was one of the major reasons why she brought her kids here.

“I think coming back to Singapore was the right choice. In the one and a half months back, his English has improved so much!” she beamed. “He’s back in school in Taiwan now, and his teacher was telling me that he’s the only one who’s able to listen and communicate with her in English. The other children are learning from him too. It’s incredible, and I was so happy to hear that.”

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AJ, 4,  and her daughter Alexa, 2, who have since gone back to Taiwan with their dad, Alex Tien, love Singapore so much that the mother-of-two doesn’t foresee any problems when they do make the move back.

She said, “We don’t have a set timeline yet, but they were very happy here so that’s a really big relief for me. Alex will have to shuttle between Taiwan and Singapore when we do move back, but we’ve talked about it and this is what we settled on. It’ll be hard for him so I’m really grateful to have such a wonderful husband.”

Does this mean that she will be back to acting full-time?

Unfortunately for those who were holding their breaths, the answer is no. Family still comes first for Yvonne, who shared that while she’s been discussing plans for future dramas with the company, she has yet to commit because she hopes to spend as much time with her kids while they are growing up.

“When they were little, I taught them to be independent, and I think that worked too well because AJ and Alexa don’t miss me at all! When we’re on the phone, AJ will ask me, ‘Can you speak to mei mei (my little sister) instead?’,” she laughed.

At the same time, she’s assured that she’s managed to bring her kids up well, and that they won’t run amok even without constant supervision from her and Alex.

She concluded with a wide grin, “I might film one project a year, but back-to-back dramas like I would have done when I was still single won’t be possible. I still love acting, and I’d love to be a part of dramas, so you’ll definitely see more of me on TV once I’m home.”

While You Were Away debuts June 24, 9pm on Channel 8. 

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