Yoyo Chen made a surprise announcement on her Instagram on Feb 4, declaring that she would have “news to share with everyone tomorrow”. Her followers were curious to know what she had in store, with some wondering if it had anything to do with the longstanding rumours of her marriage being on the rocks.

A day later, she confirmed that the big news was the launch of her new YouTube channel, and that she would answer 11 “commonly-asked” questions from netizens on for her first video. Guess the relationship question was number 12?

In the clip, she discussed mundane topics such as whether she prefers herself with long hair or short hair (she’s undecided), her friendship with fellow actresses Shiga Lin and Priscilla Wong, and why the older photos on her IG were deleted (she was hacked).

The actress also talked about her daughter QQ, saying that she will not be exposing the eight-year-old to social media anytime soon. “My daughter accidentally posted a video of herself on my DouYin account while she was using my phone. People misunderstood that I was allowing her to be on social media, but it was a mistake that she made by pressing the wrong button,” Yoyo explained. “I only found out a few days later because I don’t check my DouYin account often. I hope that she will focus on her studies and live a regular lifelike other children her age.”

Netizens noticed that she made no mention of the word ‘husband’ or ‘Vincent Wong’ at the end of the 15-minute video despite there being numerous opportunities for her to have done so. In one of her answers, she talked about her life in her 30s, where she mentioned that it was when she got married and had a child. Oddly enough, the man she married wasn’t mentioned here either.