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YoonA is definitely no stranger to Singapore. Her first performance here was in 2011 as part of the 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour, followed by another group concert two years later.

Fast forward five years later and YoonA returned to Singapore earlier this year - this time, on her own, as clothing brand H:CONNECT’s brand ambassador. At the time, she hinted that she would be back very soon, and her words became a reality in a little over two months as she held her YOONA FANMEETING So Wonderful day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE last night (September 28) at Zepp@BIGBOX.

Kicking off the night with a performance of ‘When The Wind Blows’, YoonA shared insights on what she’s been up to, such as her movie shoots and answered burning questions from fans (she even went as far as to respond to a question about whether she prefers floral or fruity shampoos and bath gels).

She also spent some time on stage whipping up a healthy version of rojak, followed by a game session with eight lucky fans to choose which two would eventually go home with her prized creation.

Apart from the two ballads that she sang, she also put on a rousing dance performance before she was treated to a touching video created by her fans specially for her.

After watching the video, she commented, “Looking at this, I had the thought that I really have to come back here with the rest of the (Girls’ Generation) members.” This comment was met with loud cheers, as it has been over five years since we’ve seen the group here in full force. 

Granted, we’ve been treated to sporadic sightings of them - before YoonA, Taeyeon also dropped by our little red dot as a headliner of HallyuPopFest 2018, but SONEs (Girls’ Generation fans) are most definitely waiting for the day when they can see their favourite group stand on the stage in Singapore together again.

While a Girls’ Generation reunion in Singapore might not be on the horizon quite yet as the members are all busy with their individual activities, YoonA declared that she will work hard at making sure that she will be able to return to Singapore soon - and although the event’s host suggested a Tuxedo Birthday Tea Party featuring chilli and pepper crabs, rojak and waffles (but that’s a story for another time), we’ll be glad to see any of the Girls’ Generation members here - be it on their own or together - because as SONE told YoonA through their video last night, what’s most important is that they’re happy and doing well.

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