Yoga Lin to leave agency: Reports

Reports have stated that the singer is looking for more control over his music career


Earlier this month, reports emerged claiming that Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin will be leaving his management agency, HIM Music International once his contract with them expires. Though the reports were swiftly denied by HIM, new reports have since been released, claiming that the singer is still looking to go solo.

Yoga is currently on a multi-country concert tour, which started in December last year. This month, he will be heading to Chengdu and Xi’An to hold concerts, with Hong Kong and Shanghai scheduled for May. Other than his concert tour, the 31-year-old is currently appearing as a mentor on the show, Jungle Voice.

Despite his busy schedule, it was reported that the singer is currently searching for new staff members to join his personal work team. Apart from looking for another manager to join his team, Yoga is said to be looking for more control over his music career.

HIM has since responded to the reports, confirming that the singer is indeed looking for new staff members to join his team. However, they denied that the reason behind the new additions was due to Yoga’s desire to have more control over his career.

“This news is false. Every artiste under HIM has always worked together with different departments and colleagues (in the agency) for work, it has always been like that. The main reason (for Yoga to expand his team) is due to the fact that Yoga’s workload has been steadily increasing. He took the initiative in order to allow his colleagues to blossom together with him. He also requested to expand his team, in order to allow his colleagues to have a better work-life balance, with their workload eased,” the agency shared in a statement.

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