Yoga Lin rumoured to leave management agency

HIM Music International has denied the reports


Last October, S.H.E, which consists of Taiwanese actress-singers Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, decided to leave their management agency, HIM Music International, to set up their respective individual agencies. The trio decided against renewing their respective contracts with their former label. 

Following the news of S.H.E’s departure, HIM’s stock prices took a slight dive. However, the agency still houses many artistes, including Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin, who has been with the agency for 12 years.

However, recent reports have alleged that Yoga, as well as Malaysian actor Melvin Sia, who has been with HIM for three years, will be leaving the agency after their respective contracts expire.

Yoga has been with HIM since his showbiz debut in 2007 as the champion of the reality singing contest One Million Star. It was reported that a number of agencies are currently vying to get the singer to sign with them after he leaves the record company. 

However, HIM has since released a statement denying the reports.

“The reports regarding Yoga’s contract are false. To the best of our knowledge, it is true that a number of fellow companies have approached Yoga recently. However, Yoga is a very important artiste to HIM Music International. We will definitely provide him the strongest assistance and continue to work hand in hand with him,” the statement read.

They also confirmed that Yoga has a number of plans and projects in place that he wishes to pursue in time to come, and that his work schedule up to 2020 has been planned. 

As for Melvin, HIM asserted that they have always had a strong working relationship with him, and that they are still in discussions with him with regards to work.

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