Yoga Lin’s wife raves about newborn son’s good behaviour

Yoga Lin and Kiki Ting brought their 2-month-old son out for the first time

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Parenthood seems to be treating new parents Yoga Lin and Kiki Ting well. The celebrity couple welcomed their first child, a boy nicknamed KUBBE (or ‘Ku Bi’ in Chinese), two months ago, after getting married in 2017.

A few days ago, Yoga’s wife Kiki shared a picture on Instagram to commemorate their first outing as a family. The singer-actress remarked that it was an extremely tiring but rewarding experience that brought them "a lot of happiness."

On Monday night, Kiki shared a picture of Yoga playing with their son and wrote the caption from her perspective as a wife and mother. “It’s rare that KUBBE’s dad is home on a weekend, the both of us decided to take on the challenge of bringing KUBBE out for a meal,” she said.

Kiki added that her husband repeatedly practised folding and unfolding his son’s stroller at home before they went out, while she had the chance to try the diaper changing station outside for the first time.

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According to Kiki, her son slept through their entire meal at the restaurant and when he was awake, he would nibble his fingers quietly, without creating any fuss.

The 34-year-old added that KUBBE knocked out when they got home that night. “He finished his milk at about 11.30pm and fell asleep within seconds, only waking up at 6am the next day,” she said.

When Kiki shared about her smooth-sailing experiences with KUBBE’s nanny, she said her son spat out his milk on her shirt’s sleeves, as if he knew that she was talking about him.

“I’m definitely still too ‘green’ as a new mother!” she jokingly lamented.

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