Yoga Lin, Kiki Ting expecting second child

The singer made the announcement after releasing his latest song.


Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin and his non-celebrity wife Kiki Ting are expecting their second child.

On Thursday (Sep 26), Yoga made an appearance at a jewellery event, where an advertisement featuring him and his wife was revealed, as well as the music video for his latest song, ‘Otomen’, which also features himself and Kiki.

Sharing more about the video, Yoga let on that Kiki was already pregnant when they were filming the music video.

“It was really hard on my wife as she was already pregnant then," he said. "The end of the video ends with a prophecy, with the director getting a pair of siblings to appear in the video. At that time, Kiki was still in her first trimester, and no one knew that she was pregnant yet."

He continued, "Now, the gynaecologist has confirmed that we’re expecting a baby girl, which mirrors the music video, which had a brother and sister appearing in the video. It’s really too coincidental, I feel that fate really works in mysterious ways!”

Yoga then praised Kiki for being the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. “Sometimes, I get too engrossed in my work and will skip meals. She’ll be the one to remind me to eat my meals regularly, and get me back on track,” the singer shared.

“No one else apart from you and your significant other knows best about how to live with each other, mutual trust is very important. I really want to thank my wife - whenever I have something that troubles me, the first person I’ll turn to is her, and she’ll give me loads of suggestions and opinions,” Yoga continued, singing the praises of Kiki.

Yoga and Kiki tied the knot two years ago in a forest-themed wedding and welcomed their first child, a baby boy nicknamed KUBBE, a year later.

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