Yoga Lin is going to be a father

Yoga Lin and Kiki Ting’s baby is reportedly due this summer


Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin broke the good news to the media yesterday (Jan 17) - he and his wife Kiki Ting will be welcoming a baby boy this summer. According to astrological readings as per reported by Taiwanese reports, he will likely be born as a Cancer or a Leo.

The 30-year old singer revealed that Kiki has been pregnant for three months, and they have yet to name the baby after knowing his gender. He joked that his child is as “home-loving as he is” because he was likely conceived at home, and not during their honeymoon.

The dad-to-be also revealed that he’s in charge of doing the household chores currently as Kiki is experiencing morning sickness and is sensitive to certain smells due to her pregnancy.

The singer further shared his feelings as a new father, revealing that he was touched to hear the baby’s heart beating over the ultrasound. He also frequently tells the baby to “use his superpowers to grow up healthily.”

“When I see others raise their children, it seems so easy. But now that I’m having my own child, I feel so nervous about it!” the singer admitted.

On the possibility of endorsing baby products, Yoga mentioned Bubu, the 3-year-old daughter of Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai and actress Alyssa Chia, who was previously crowned “Youngest Internet Celebrity”. Agreeing that she is very adorable, Yoga joked that there will now be another baby [his son] in the competition.

As other artistes send their well-wishes to the couple, Wu Tsing-Fong, member of Taiwanese band Sodagreen posted a group photo he took with the couple on his Weibo, captioned “work in progress.” As the singer was known to have “blessed” previous celebrity couples with children whenever they shared a photo together, Yoga and Kiki also replied that he was indeed “effective” as rumoured.

The couple registered their marriage in January last year (Jan 6) and tied the knot in Japan on May 9 the same year.

Photo: PBE Media 

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