Yoga Lin welcomed his first child, a son, in August, and the bundle of joy has since turned a month old. After officially being “promoted” to a father for a month, Yoga has declared that fatherhood is something that he “really enjoys”.

He and his wife, Kiki Ting, sent out presents to their loved ones as their son turned a month old, and Yoga also shared his thoughts on having a new responsibility in life.

To this, he gushed, “Regardless of whether it’s washing his bum, changing diapers, helping to feed him, burping him, learning how to put on his clothes for him, playing with him or hugging him, these are all unforgettable memories for me. Apart from my work, I’m concentrating on being a dad so my schedule is really full right now. I’m also grateful for any opportunities given to me.”

Yoga also let on that he is currently working on a major project but declined to reveal more details as he shared, “There will be amazing collaborations which will bring fans to another level, so please look forward to them!”

Photos: PBE Media

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