Yoga Lin hopes to start next viral video trend by getting people to confess their love with his song

“We can all use the same hashtag and watch every single video to see if the couple gets a happy ending or if someone ends up getting slapped."

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The long wait for Singapore fans of Mandopop star Yoga Lin is finally over. After more than seven years, the Taiwanese singer will be returning to our sunny shores for a full-fledged concert on April 25, 2020.

The IDOL World Tour to celebrate his 10th year in showbiz will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and according to the 32-year-old, who was here for a press conference on November 25, it is totally worth the wait.

“It’s the kind of show where you’ll come out feeling like ‘I watched this concert and it’s something I know that couldn’t have been missed for the world.’,” he laughed when he was asked to describe his show. 

Through his performance, Yoga hopes to share what the word ‘idol’ means to him.

He let on, “If you’re my fan, you’ll probably fall even deeper in love with me after watching the show. If you’re not a fan, you’ll want to become my fan after you attend it.” We don’t know where he gets this confidence from, but our curiosity has definitely been piqued.

He also mused that he is seriously considering the press conference host’s suggestion to use his latest track, ‘Otomen’ as the background music for those who are confessing their love to their crushes. “We can all use the same hashtag and watch every single video to see if the couple gets a happy ending or if someone ends up getting slapped. I think this is a pretty good idea,” he laughed. The song’s lyrics talk about how after meeting a special someone, he thought of buying a house, having kids and building a family together.

Using that as a confession song could be the sweetest or the weirdest thing ever, however, as those present warned - but either way, Yoga quipped that he hopes the trend will take off and go viral.

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The 32-year-old also teased that he might possibly be preparing something special for his Singapore audience, but declined to divulge more details, which led to excited screams from the fans present.

You didn’t read that wrong - there were fans present at the press conference, and when the floor was opened for them to ask Yoga questions, we were especially tickled by the way the singer handled his fans.

“Your friend wanted to come up here with you, right?” Yoga asked a fan who he picked to come on stage to take a selfie with him. “I’m going to take a photo with you now and you guys can end your friendship after this.”

When another fan offered him macarons after asking if he enjoys eating desserts, he deadpanned. “Will I be alright after eating this?”

His tongue-in-cheek way of bantering with fans came especially useful when yet another fan posed a question to him: Will his wife, Kiki Ting, along with his one-year-old son, Kubee, be in the audience at the Singapore show?

“I refuse to answer this question,” Yoga chuckled with disbelief. With baby number two on the way (and possibly born by then), it might be hard for the singer’s family to make it all the way here for a show.

Even without his family in the audience, we’re pretty sure he’ll give his best on stage, as evidenced by his performance at the StarHub Night of Stars 2019 the day before his press conference. After his first song ‘Otomen’, he took out his in-ear monitor, which is what musicians use to listen to the stage instrumentation for live performances, and quipped, “This in-ear is acting up today. Let’s just do without it.” Even without of his earpiece, he pulled off a stellar performance of ‘Fairy Tale’, and the quick two-song set impressed us so much that like his fans, we can hardly wait to see what Yoga has in store for us at his show next year.

Yoga Lin IDOL World Tour in Singapore is slated to take place on April 25, 2020, 8pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are priced at S$228, S$208, S$178, S$138, S$108 (excluding booking fees) and is now available on SportsHubTix.

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