Yishun Stars in Netflix’s Stranger Things Promo

Here is one more bizarre thing that Yishun is now known for: its cameo in a promotional video for Netflix’s supernatural series Stranger Things.

Yishun is known for many things, and in recent years none of them has been very flattering. The estate in the northern part of Singapore has been dogged by damning reports of grisly murders, animal abuse and neighbourly spats. 

So much so that US video streaming service Netflix released an 11-second promotional video set in Yishun for the second season of its hit supernatural original sci-fi series Stranger Things.


The video clip showed a Yishun MRT station sign set in what looks like The Upside Down, the dark, eerie spore-specked parallel universe in Stranger Things. At 0:06, a mysterious shadow passed through the screen. And we were like:

The video caused an outpour of reactions from netizens, some of whom praised the video for being in tune with Singapore news. But some Singaporeans residing in Yishun (Yishunites?) expressed outrage that their beloved neighbourhood was being targeted. One particularly bold Facebook user even brazenly asked for a role in the series based on her "19.4 years of Yishun experience".

“Is Yishun cursed, simply unlucky or struck by something stranger?” the clip pondered. Yeah, we want to know too.

Stranger Things airs its second season on Netflix this Oct 31. 

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