Yao Yao attended the premiere of Hollywood crime drama Hustlers in Taipei yesterday (Sep 11), where she followed in the footsteps of lead actress Jennifer Lopez in the film and showed off her pole dancing skills on stage, impressing everyone with a few sexy and skilful moves.

According to the 29-year-old actress, it had been two or three years since she last attempted to pole dance, so in order to prepare for her “performance”, she enrolled in a refresher course, which reignited her interest in the sport.

“It’s not difficult to climb on the pole, but you need a lot of time and practice to make your movements look beautiful,” she said. “It will mean the difference between looking like a monkey or looking like a fairy!”

Yao Yao was then asked about her recent holiday in South Korea. When she said that she was there to practice dancing with her girlfriends, a reporter misheard “lian wu” (practice dancing) as “lie wu” (prey), to which Yao Yao responded, “I really want “prey”, or to be “hunted” myself!” Her answer raised speculation on whether there may be cracks in her relationship with former SpeXial member Riley Wang.

Photos: TPG

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